By Abi Wilson

Welcome to Vintage by Abi Wilson

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time . AWV is a carefully curated collection of Vintage Luxury items that are rare to find and virtually never come up for sale. We have museum pieces too but the overall tone is Chic and Stylish which is Abis’ unique personal style. Therefore these items fit comfortably as a timeless piece in addition to your wardrobe today …again this adds value to the item. Each item is offered for sale and the boutique ships Free Worldwide. ( duties and taxes not included ).

The beauty of incorporating Abi Wilson Vintage pieces into your current wardrobe gives these pieces potentially another 30 years life span and can be passed onto future generations as an investment aswell as carrying the legacy of fashion on.

I would love to hear from all of my community at any time and welcome questions and discussions over dates and archiving .. I am always open to debate the history of items so email me at as well as purchasing items if you feel they fit the AWV tone.

With Love Abi

Introducing Our Exclusive

Stella McCartney For Chloe

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The Holy Grail Of Fashion

Iconic Trousers

Couture Hand Beaded Missoni Dress

Over 20 Vintage Missoni Items Available
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Sequinned Mini Toga Dress

As seen on runway in 1991 with Valentino himself
Valentino Vintage